Styled Text example

You need Adobe Flash Player v.10 or above.

Install Adobe Flash player

Let's see how to use the Styled Text component. It is a Flash component (Flash CS3 or above, ActionScript 3).

  1. You should download the free Styled Text component and install it.
  2. Open the new Flash file.
  3. Open the Components window (Ctrl-F7 or Window>Components), select the LFEBox/StyledText item and drag it to the Stage.

    Flash Components

  4. Open the Properties window (Ctrl-F3 or Window>Properties). Change the width to 500 and the height to 180.


  5. Open the Component Inspector window (Shift-F7 or Window>Component Inspector). Enter Hello to the text field. Then change the size to 180.

    Component Inspector

  6. Component will be redrawn and you will see

    Styled text with default settings

  7. Let's play with parameters. Set #66FFFF to the lightColor and #3399FF to the materialColor.

    Styled text - blue metal

  8. Set #66FFFF to the lightColor, #3399FF to the materialColor and change the style to "Style 2".

    Styled text - plastic

  9. This tool gives you plenty of opportunities to create expressive styles. Enjoy it.
  10. It is important! The Styled Text component uses internally embedded fonts. So you should embed all glyphs used.
    The most convenient way is to add a Dynamic Text with the same font-family and font-style.

    Font properties

  11. Then click the Character Embedding button and enter letters to embed.

    Embed font glyphs

You can download the source of this example here.