Configure Shine Effect

Double-click the Shine Effect instance to open it. Click the ShineEffectParams on the "effect" layer then open Component Inspector panel (Window > Component Inspector or Shift-F7).

Shine Effect inspector

You can configure:

  • Duration - the duration of the effect (seconds)
  • Delay - the delay before the effect starts (seconds)
  • Brightness - a measure of the light brightness (recommended value is 30 to 150)
  • Type - you can choose of three options: Loop (infinite loop), onCall (effect is started programmatically) and onMouseOver (effect is started when the mouse moves over the component)
  • Glow blur - the size of the outer glow
  • Glow color - the color of the outer glow
  • Direction - you can choose of 8 different directions
  • Shine width - the width of the light band
  • Is static - you should choose "true" if the shined object is dynamic. The default value is "false".