Classical timeline tweens vs. program tweens

There is an opinion among flash designers that the flash components are too heavy for banners.
However banners often use simple tween-based effects only.

Let's compare several ways to create a simple tween animation.

  1. Timeline animation using the classic tween (40 frames, 10 objects, tweened properties: x, y, scaleX, scaleY).
  2. Program animation using TweenNano.
  3. Program animation using GTween.
  4. Program animation using KTween.

You can download the test source here...


Tween Full size Animation size (without font: 3728 bytes)
Timeline 7474 3746
TweenNano 6281 2543
GTween 7665 3937
KTween 7530 3802

Size optimized TweenNano is better than classic Timeline tween even in case of a simple 40-frames animation of 10 characters.