Apply Shine Effect to an object

Select an object or a few objects on the Stage.
Open the Commands menu and click the LFEBox item.

Shine effect commands menu

Check Shine Effect and push OK button.

Shine Effect menu

The Flash authoring tool will convert the selected objects to a new symbol item.
This item is an instance of the ShineEffect_XX library item (XX - is an integer number to identify different ShineEffect library items).
Double click the new symbol item to open. Let's see how it works internally.

Shine Effect layers

There are two layers - "effect" and "data". The selected objects have been moved to the layer "data".

Shine Effect layer data

The "effect" layer contains an instance of ShineEffectParams.

Shine Effect layer effect

The instance of ShineEffectParams is used to configure the Shine Effect parameters. The position and size can be adjusted in the Properties panel. Other properties can be gonfigured in the Component Inspector panel (Window>Component Inspector or Ctrl-F7).

Shine Effect Inspector